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Frequently Asked Questions

How will UrbanCode Velocity help my team?

UrbanCode Velocity allows you to measure your DevOps effectiveness, identify bottlenecks, prioritize work, define trends, and reduce risks to help your teams drive transformation and make better decisions.

Who on my team should use UrbanCode Velocity?

UrbanCode Velocity is useful for everyone from developers to executives. The business side of the house can use the insights gained from Velocity to set smarter budgets and more meaningful strategies. Development professionals can use Velocity to better manage teams and forecast work.

What makes UrbanCode Velocity different than any other value stream management tool?

UrbanCode Velocity can integrate with all the tools in your existing DevOps toolchain – no need to stay within the same product family. Plus, Velocity focuses on the metrics that matter most for producing actionable results as opposed to vanity metrics with little meaning. Velocity is a homegrown tool that was developed because of our own need for better pipeline views. Learn about the Velocity origin story here.

Do I have to use UrbanCode Deploy to use UrbanCode Velocity?

Nope! Velocity is an over-the-top view of all your data and all your toolchains, no matter what tools you’re using. Of course, Velocity works great with the  UrbanCode tool suite, but it works just as well with other toolsets.

What is better suited for my team – the always free UrbanCode Velocity Community Edition or the Standard Edition?

Velocity is powered off the data it collects and the relationships it builds, so if you want to maximize the value of Velocity, you need to maximize the users. Community Edition has all the same features as Standard Edition, but is best for small teams since it is limited to two concurrent users (these user licenses are not assigned to a specific person and can be shared between team members). However, Community Edition cannot scale across teams. If you have more than two teams, it’s best to use Standard Edition to get the benefit of Velocity across teams. You can upgrade an individual instance of Community Edition to Standard Edition, but you cannot combine instances of Community Edition into one Standard Edition.

Can I add more users to UrbanCode Velocity Community Edition later?

Community Edition is always limited to two concurrent users, but you can upgrade to Standard Edition to get unlimited users.

What happens at the end of my 60-day free trial with Standard Edition?

Once your 60-day free trial of Standard Edition expires, your instance of Velocity will become a Community Edition license with two concurrent users. You’ll still be able to access all your data. If you’d like to continue using Standard Edition at the end of your trial,  contact us.

How do I connect my existing DevOps tools to UrbanCode Velocity to create my pipeline view?

UrbanCode Velocity sits on top of your existing toolchain but integrates with a vast amount of plugins. You can find product documentation here.

What tools do you support?

Go to our plugins page  to see all the tools Velocity integrates with. Don’t see a tool you use on there? Contact us  – chances are, we can add it.

What support is available?

The Community Edition is supported by the community via our forum . When you sign up for the Standard Edition 60-day trial, you’ll get personalized support from one of our product experts during your trial. Full Standard Edition users have a dedicated account rep and 24/7 enterprise support.

Our team might need some guidance regarding best practices for value stream mapping and management. Can you help?

Of course! Contact us here  and we’ll set up a time to chat. If you’re looking for quick information, check out our resources here.

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